2 July 2007

July 1st - Update

I am on my way to Canada, but first I've updated my blog site with some photos from Seattle, Montana and the site of the Battle of Little Bighorn - Custer's Last Stand. I hope you enjoy reading/looking at my photos - let me know what you think gkirsty@hotmail.com Hope all is well in Blighty! Kxxx

Photos: Little Big Horn - Custer's Last Stand

Custer's Last Stand - over 200 men in a mass grave lay here Marble stones mark the spot where US soldiers fell The battlefield of Little Bighorn Little Bighorn Cemetary Custer's marker(the spot where he was killed) Tribute to the horses that fell here Monument to the Indians

Photos - Cowboy Up in Montana - Big Sky Country

My rental car - Nissan Ultima! On the Highway to the High Country! Melville Church (as used in The Horse Whisperer) Welcome to Sweet Grass Ranch Sweet Grass Valley - Crazy Mountains Sweet Grass car parking! My log cabin My wonderful soft bed Sweet Grass valley - the ranch is below (red buildings) 6000ft up in the Crazy Mountains Big Sky Country! Riding 'Happy' Relaxing in my log cabin... Sweet Grass entrance - still 6 miles to go! The old Barn Otter Creek An old Hudson - Otter Creek Ranch Rocco with a colt - not horse whispering, just kindness and patience! Rocco shows us how to train young horses! Pronghorn Deer The Water Slide - down on your bum! (it hurts and it's cold!) The Cattle Drive starts The Hot Tub! RAWHIDE! moving cattle on my horse 'Mary' Cooling off - Sweet Grass Creek (cold!) Horses going to the cattle drive 'Mouse' Tony and Nate sing us a song Bill and Shelley Carrocia (the owners) home on the range... Big Timber Montana Event Sponsorship - Montana Style! My short sighted horse....