13 July 2007

Canada Diary Episode 4 - British Columbia/Alberta

July 11-20 This week I've been mostly in the Canadian Rockies. There's not been much chance to update my blog and the pc's here are really slow. So, a quick summary. Left Seattle with 11 other travellers - mixed group all ages. Very fun people from UK and Denmark. Tour leader Andrus - a cool dude! Kamloops - large boring town amidst a dry desert like valley. Golden - middle of Kicking Horse valley - very scenic and a place to list for future ski holidays - this is being developed on a big scale. Emerald Lake - beee ute iful !!! Hiked to emerald Basin and then took canoe on the water - even swam in glacial lake! Lake Louise - revisited. This time on horseback up to plain of 6 glaciers. Banff - cable car to sulphur Mountain, hot springs, mosquitos !!! Aaarghh! Takkakaw Falls - highest in Canada - stunning! Icefield Parkway - Helicopter Ride over columbia Icefields - awesome! Hike onto Atha Jasper - saw black bear! Bike ride through 5 lakes region, Lake Beauvert - so pretty! Vancouver - pretty location - not much time here though - photos of totem poles and quick tour of city. tomorrow - back to Seattle for one last meal at Elliots on the pier - then home on Saturday/Sunday. Next stop Devon!!!