18 June 2007

I hate LAX Airport and Alaska Air!!!

Forgive me for this rant....I left my LA hotel at 5am to catch a flight at 8am to Seattle. It is now 4pm and I am still waiting to leave the airport after sitting here for over 8 hours! Nothing to do, except internet at $5 for 15 mins... and spend a fortune in the fast food places. The plane had a fault, so eventually they put us all onto another flight which leaves at 4.30pm... I HOPE. Rant over. Enjoy your day. Kx PS Alaska Air sucks ************************** UPDATE - TUESDAY 19TH JUNE A plane from LAX finally tok off at 5pm and landed here at Seattle at 7.20pm. Luckily I was on it. I dumped my bags at the hostel, then walked the short distance to a fab little restaurant called 'Copacabana' with a sun terrace overloking Elliot Bay, above Pike Place Market. I had a cool glass of Chardonnay and a seafood salad to wipe clean the frustrations of my day! So, Here I am in Seattle, at the Green tortoise hostel opposite the famous Pike Pace Market. I have 4 days here and have just booked a day trip to Mount Rainier National Park for Thursday. sight seeing and mooching in the city until I fly to Billings, Montana on Saturday. I am smiling again. Kx