4 July 2007

Canada Diary Episode 1

July 4th - Calgary Here I am in Canada, I arrived here from Seattle airport yesterday. With all the troubles in the UK and with the US on a high level of security I am glad to be out of the USA for 4th July - especially avoiding airplanes. I'm staying with Ed and his partner Arlene ( I met Ed in Egypt) in Calgary, or just outside. Calgary is in Alberta, and the scenery is fairly flat and green with very few trees or features, but with the Rockies nearby there is playground for the outdoors not far away. It's Stampede week in Calgary which means lots of cowboys, parties, rodeo action and drinking! I hope to be in drunken party stupor for most of this week. Ed has some great wine and we enjoyed 3 bottles last night (feel a bit rough this morning) and today I'm going with Arlene to the Heritage park to see how the old homesteads were in the frontier days of Alberta's history. So - more of an update later. Kx