23 July 2007

Canadian Rockies Photos - Footloose Trek

Over Calgary Over the Rockies Our transport crossing British Columbia Glacial River Emerald Lake Emerald Basin Hike Emerald Lake Emerald Lake: I did swim in it honestly! Takkakaw Falls Cathedral Mountain Riding to Victoria Glacier Lake Louise Cowgirl! Scenery! Banff Gondola Sulphur Mountain summit Banff Top of Sulphur Mountain Banff Banff: Tunnel Mountain 4,419 miles to England!!! Tunnel Moutain Resort Banff Trek Barbecue, Banff Amazing Views Peyto Lake & glacier Peyto Lake view (mosquitos aargh!) A lake! Going for a ride! Heliocoptoring! Glacial Lakes, Icefields Parkway from Helicopter My feet, A helicopter, 500ft up! Echo 1 to tower: Roger, Roger, do we have Clearance Clarence? Blimey a Bear!!! He's coming this way!!! The Road thru the Rockies Athabaster Glacier Putting my toe on the Glacier toe! 2 hours of hiking up the glacier... bloody cold! Jasper chalet hotel view Yeeehaaah! Save a bear.. ride a cowboy? Cycling fashion... around Jasper Our chalets outside Jasper Lake Beauvert, Jasper Lake Beauvert Jasper Mt Robson 3954m (highest peak in Canadian Rockies) Canadian cowgirl! Totem Poles Stanley Park Vancouver Vancouver Skyline - last stop before Seattle and home.