10 May 2007

Leaving for North America

It's Thursday evening on the 10th May and I'm a little bit tipsy from a Gin & Tonic! Thanks to our Queen (Gawd bless 'er) our American cousins are warmed up to receive their next high profile British visitor - My bags are packed and tomorrow I say goodbye to Kipper, my parents and Devon for 2 months of travelling across America. My bags are full of all sorts of kit - probably too much stuff - being the type of person to 'over pack' it's been hard to limit myself. I'm prepared for hot weather, rain, cold nights, hiking, riding, rafting, boating, swimming and spending hours on a bus! I'll keep in touch via this blog, so check back regularly for updates. Today we learned that by the time I get back Tony Blair will no longer be Prime Minister. You may like to know that on the 27th June when he leaves office I shall be on a horse in Montana, and you may well hear me 'Yeehah' in celebration from across the pond! I'm not sure Gordon Brown is going tobe any better, so while the UK sorts itself out and William Haig gets his act together to challenge for Prime Minister (he will be back I'm sure) I plan to spend a very short time in England before going to Australia and New Zealand - I may even stay there long enough for a Tory government to take over! So, in the meantime, keep smiling, keep reading my blog and I'll do my best to entertain you from across the Atlantic. Have a nice day! K