21 August 2007

Tuesday 21st Aug

Tuesday 21st August - 10 days until Australia! For the past few weeks since coming back from USA/Canada I bet you've been wondering what I've been doing? I've been generally relaxing and enjoying the wet and windy weather here in Devon and Cornwall. I was enjoying it so much in fact that I accepted an invitation to go camping in Wales just to see if it was actually any more windy and wetter than Cornwall - and it was! At least it was good for 2 reasons: 1. I got to see my sister 2. We were sleeping in the motorhome - warm and dry! After 3 days I came home and today went into Bude for some surfing in sushine. It's not long before I leave, so must make the most of my time!
Kipper enjoyed digging holes in the sand and barking madly at anyone who tried to steal his tennis ball - crazy pooch! Have started to pack for Australia - nightmare! Shopping in Exeter tomorrow for things I have a desperate need for in my travel wardrobe/toilet bag/handbag.. you know how it is. Hope life is treating you all well out there in jobland!